Welcome to my site!

Posted On February 6, 2010

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Welcome to my site! I hope this site will help you well,and you’ll find what you need!

If you need anything,just PM me on the forums!

Updates about the site will also be on this post!

New theme! Check it out! Doesn’t it look amazing?

~Mario800123,site owner!



Ok,I’ll update

Posted On March 13, 2010

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Yea,sorry about not updating lately.I’ve been busy and expected Chewit to post meanwhile. Anyways,time to get up-to-date! (No pictures,sorry! Just not enough time. I promise next time colorful pictures!)

New pet park and Mega Pet Store in Singapore! They’re really awesome! You can hang out with your pet and in the pet store,every single pet that was ever available (unless they were limited) will be there!

Oh,and the Chinese New Years decorations are gone from Wiglington Town! I hope everyone enjoyed them! I know I did!

But there are some things new in Wiglington Town:Accessories! Go to De’ Style and you can buy helmets and capes now! Isn’t that awesome! The WW Staff will update the accessories very often,so save your credits and rollars to buy really awesome things!


Say Hello to the UK!

Posted On February 23, 2010

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The UK is finally here! You can go to the UK via Air Bub and find 1 historical person there! And there is a members only room…which contains a special frebo for sale! And also another historical person!

You can also buy some neat guard hats and loch ness babies! Enjoy these great updates!


ChewitDude12’s Costume Party!

Posted On February 18, 2010

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Very Sorry Guys! I’ve Been Super Busy!

My Costume Party Will Be Tonight At Midnight Till One O.Clock! Sorry For the Late Time, But Most Parties Are During The Day In Wiglington And Wenks Time, And People On The Other Side Of the World Have To Go When Its Super Late, So Im Making It Convient for Them.

Im A Saint!

The Party Will Be Of Course A Costume Party. We Will Meet At 12:00am On What Is Really February 18th(today is the 17) We Will Meet in the Town, On Server Wiglington! Wear A Silly Costume Or A Cool One, I Will Probley wear my Purple Ninja(personal Favorite) Or Tiger(preaty awseome)

There Will Be teams( as seen on the party section of the KID’s Forum) and we will have a balloon war party, I will try to get mario to take pictures and post them here when were done! Hope You Can Come, My Next Party I will Try To Give Out Prizes!

Staff Members have new looks!

Posted On February 13, 2010

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Like the title says! I just saw Aldric,and just look at him!

All Staff Members of WW now have their avatars changed! Isn’t that just amazing? Don’t be surprised when you see a person working for WW!

Love the new look Aldric!


Chinese New Years Updates!

Posted On February 13, 2010

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Well! WW has had quite a bit of updates!

Well,the guy on the left sells you lions! Better buy them fast,they’re rare and might never come back!

And Stefan (the guy on the left) sells you Fortune Hats and Ingots! Members also get a discount! Speaking of Members,the exclusive lion for members is out! Just click on the flying lion by the guy who sells lions! You can only have one,and they are members only,but they are free! Get them before they’re gone!

Also,if you find the Chinese God of Fortune,,he will give you 500 credits and a gold ingot! (In your items section though,not wearable!)

Pictures of Chinese God Of Fortune:

He appears outside of De’ Style,so you better camp out there if you want to find him! You can only find him once,after you find him you can’t get anymore free credits. 😦

I love the updates! I hope you can get everything! Oh,and I almost forgot! The WW Team finished giving us 1000 credits for being patient during the downtime! Only players who registered before February 1st will get them.

Oh,and before I forget,you can invite people to Balloon Warz now!

Just go to a Balloon Warz Arena,go to your Buddy List,and click on the Balloon Warz icon to the right! That simple!

Oh,and you can now buy Rollars on the Membership Page,under the Buy Credits option! Yay!


I may have some pictures of some exclusive stuff soon,depends if I get permission from the guy who have them to post them on the site!

Primary Game’s Pet Adoption Party!

Posted On February 6, 2010

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Well…I’m 20 minutes late to the party,but I didn’t miss much! Kimmi won the loch ness pet! Congrats! And….the party is a HUGE HIT

And that’s just half of the screen!  Also,brave won a walking lion without a hat!

Congrats brave!

And,people get really excited about drawings!

OF course,there could only be one winner…

Congrats GodFather for winning a loch ness baby!

Of course,there had to be one more drawing!

Yup! man won! Congratulate him for winning a walking lion with a hat! (I think)

Well! The party is over now,and we had lots of fun! Hope to see you soon in another party! Congrats to the winners again! Tell me if I missed a few winners!


UPDATE: I just found out Sonorus won also! he won a Baby Loch Ness! Congratulate him everyone!

WW back up!

Posted On February 6, 2010

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Finally,after days of long waiting,the whole website is back up! Sadly,the forums and blog had to be reset.But it’s not the end! But,the server crash didn’t stop WW from adding new outfits!

There are at a 20% discount for this week only,and a 50% discount for members! Now isn’t that great?

Oh,and for being so patient with the server crash thing,WW is giving us the following rewards!

1. All WW Members get 7 days of playtime as compensation!(This means 7 more days added to our membership package!)

2. Everyone will be receiving 1000 WW Credits – Members or Non-Members alike!

3. We will be throwing a mega bash welcome back party with all the staff on board for a fun-filled evening!

Now doesn’t that sound fun? Thank WW for this wonderful reward,and getting the game back up!

But here are some more updates!


Greetings Quest Travelers!

We have great news!

We are very happy and proud to announce that we are in the finals for About.com’s Readers Choice Awards for the Best Virtual Worlds for Kids!

As you know, Wiglington and Wenks was officially launched just a month and a half ago and for a virtual world this young, it is an honor and quite an achievement. Above all, it tells us that the efforts we are pouring into making this virtual world are paying off!

You showed your loving support for the Help Haiti exercise. You stood by us when our servers crashed and we suffered from down time. We treat you as family and you do likewise. We want to say a great big ‘Thank You’ to all of you! You are awesome!

Now, we would like to invite people who love Wiglington and Wenks as much as we do to vote for us and help us get crowned as the Best Virtual World for Kids. With your help, we may win this!

And again, please vote for us if and only if you feel we are deserving of the title. Winning this award means a lot to us, but we want to win fairly and with honesty and integrity. Please don’t put up on your blogs or tweet the link to vote for us directly. We’ve been told that this is a flaw in About.com’s system by their staff and we don’t want to take advantage of this. We want to win on the merit of the quality of our virtual world and our efforts, so please help us stay clean and honest. Once your vote is used up, you can’t vote anymore so this is really not very fair to the other virtual worlds.

Thank you once again!

Travel On!


Isn’t that great! I hope WW wins! VOTE FOR WW NOW!


Website Down

Posted On January 31, 2010

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Well,WW’s website is down currently. It seems like a problem with the website host provider (or whatever it’s called).

Well,just wanted to let you know! I’ll update you when it’s back up!

And the forums are down…and the blog…pretty much everything WW.


Welcome the Chinese New Years!

Posted On January 30, 2010

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Yup!  The Chinese New Years is coming,on February 14! But Wiglington Town has already decorated for it a few weeks early!

There are also new Chinese New Years Wiki Items! Better find them fast!

Oh,and there are also 3 new pets coming soon! Currently only the staff and primarygames have them. They look cute though,right? Oh,and did you check out Balloon Warz? It’s finally outta beta stage,and into the real thing! As promised,exclusive Members Rooms are there,and more time for members. Those lucky dogs!

~Mario800123,your avid WW Blogger!

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